A huge mural of Boris Johnson and Donald Trump kissing has appeared in Bristol


A mural of Donald Trump smooching Boris Johnson has appeared in Bristol, apparently painted by protest group We Are Europe. It is painted in Stokes Croft, on the side of Westmoreland House.

A message alongside the mural reads: "NOT #INFORTHIS? Register to vote in the EU referendum now!"

Not #InFor this? Then make sure you register to

We Are Europe explain on their website: "The referendum on the 23rd June is one of the biggest political decisions of our lifetime and we couldn't stand by and watch it be dominated by political infighting, negative arguments and middle-aged trolls.

"This is our future - so we decided to take it back. And this starts by taking back the internet, through a positive campaign that we can all believe in."

Many passers-by have shared the eye-catching artwork on social media.

The group identify as a "collective of friends, artists, campaigners, creatives and doers" and say that many members have never been involved in political campaigns before and may never do so again.

We Are Europe have designed a number of other posters in the past but this is their first mural.

The mural has so far received a largely positive reaction on social media.

Johnson and Trump are yet to comment on the mural.