Made In Chelsea: Lucy finally gifted Sam with the apology he'd been waiting oh-so long for


Love was in the air in Made In Chelsea as Tiff and Sam settled right back into the comforts of their relationship after a tumultuous few weeks.

To recap: Sam had called it quits in the Maldives after Tiff admitted she'd slept with someone behind his back, and then lied about it.

The younger Watson sister had only been wallowing in self pity for a couple of weeks until the pair reunited at Toff's cheese and wine party.

Made in Chelsea

Now, despite her sister's new-found happiness, Lucy was adamant she would not apologise for an argument she'd had with Sam, in which she'd admitted knowing (and lying) all along about her sister's infidelity.

"No, we don't have to be in each other's lives," Lucy said bluntly, after Tiff suggested she say sorry now she and Sam had kissed and made up.

We all wondered how long Lucy, possibly the most stubborn woman to walk Kings Road, would fight her corner. After all "sorry" had never been a word in the elder Watson's vocabulary.

Suddenly something magical happened... While at Ollie's glamourous cabaret party, Lucy swallowed her pride and did the unthinkable. She apologised to Sam.

"I appreciate it, I really do" Sam responded, and the two buried the hatchet with an awkward hug.

Made in Chelsea

Elsewhere in SW3, while Frankie actually considered making things official with Jamie, Nicola confirmed those rumours - Jamie was in fact still hooking up with other girls, despite insisting he only had eyes for Frankie.

After being confronted by angry Frankie, the McVitie's heir denied having ever slept with anyone since the two began dating. Frankie wasn't convinced and, unsurprisingly, everyone else had difficulty believing him too.

The two cleared the air at the cabaret party, with Jamie insisting he'd never so much as kissed another girl since Frankie had been on the scene. They decided to make the relationship official - they were boyfriend and girlfriend - although if next week's preview was anything to go by, trouble will be erupting in paradise very soon...