Britain's Got Talent 2016: Everyone was equally impressed and terrified by Alex Magala's blindfolded pole stunt


All eyes were on sword-swallower Alex Magala during Monday's Britain's Got Talent live semi-finals.

The dangerous stunt man had promised he would do something special - and boy, did he deliver.

alex magala with a sword down his throat

Not only did he swallow a huge knife while being lifted off the stage (that would simply not do), he then blindfolded himself and climbed up a pole as a box full of terrifying spinning drills was positioned below him.

Then he tumbled down the pole and stopped just inches above the drills of doom - as screams could be heard from the audience.

alex hangs just above spinning drills

The judges thought his act certainly had the thrill-factor - and it definitely had an effect on the viewers at home.

Many people were very impressed by his skill and bravery and general badass-ness.

But others weren't so sure it was exactly Queen-friendly.

Simon Cowell asked Alex why he does it (which translates to: what's wrong with you?) to which he responded that he wants to inspire people to live out their dreams.

But some viewers were not so convinced this kind of activity was in any dreams they've ever had. More like a very, very bad nightmare.