Britain's Got Talent: No one's convinced that Alesha Dixon firing arrows at Ben Blaque is a talent


In the first semi final of this year's Britain's Got Talent, the first nine of 45 acts performed for the judges.

We had high hopes with Welsh singer Kathleen Jenkins (not to be confused with Katherine) and mother and son singing duo Melanie and Jamie who impressed in the auditions. But viewers took to Twitter complaining that Britain may have actually run out of talent.

No one understood what skill Ben Blaque was showing when he brought judge Alesha Dixon onto the stage and told her to fire arrows at him.

Alesha Dixon
Alesha seemed to enjoy herself though (ITV/Screenshot)

His 'crossbow roulette' involved Ben being strapped to a wall while Alesha pulled four levers, with one of the five apparently aimed at him. To his horror Alesha accidentally fired two at once, but they still all missed.

Some needed proof the last arrow was actually aimed at him.

Of course we were reminded not to try such dangerous experiments at home.

It had us all wondering...

Even Simon Cowell admitted it was "a weird night".