The Osbournes open up about battling cancer - and why Sharon refused to take off her diamonds before surgery


Sharon Osbourne kicked up a fuss about taking off her diamond jewellery on her way into the operating theatre, her daughter Kelly has revealed.

The reality star and TV presenter had a double mastectomy in 2012, having fought colon cancer 10 years earlier.

Sharon Osbourne did NOT want to take her jewellery off
Sharon Osbourne did NOT want to remove her jewellery (Cancer Research)

Kelly said: "They gave her something to calm her down which sent her a bit loopy, and she said, 'I'm not taking my diamonds off!'

"Only my mum would try and sneak diamonds into an operation."

The mother-daughter duo are supporting Cancer Research UK, and posed for photographs of them slinging chocolate cake at each other ahead of Race For Life's Pretty Muddy events.

Sharon Osbourne and Kelly Osbourne have a cake fight
Sharon Osbourne and daughter Kelly have a cake fight (Cancer Research UK)

Looking back on that difficult time, Sharon said: "Kelly did everything, from getting me a clean nightie and a cup of tea, to just holding my hand - I didn't have to ask for anything."

Kelly herself was diagnosed with the BRCA1 gene in 2015, putting her at high risk of cancer.

She said: "Watching mum fighting colon cancer inspired me to want to do something to beat the disease.

Sharon Osbourne and Kelly Osbourne have a cake fight
The Osbournes are backing efforts to beat cancer (Cancer Research UK)

"I'm supporting Cancer Research UK's Race for Life so that others won't have to see their loved ones battling cancer. By signing up to Race for Life you can make a difference. Whether you walk, jog or charge, let's unite against cancer. The gloves are off and we're ready for a fight."

Sharon said: "As a cancer survivor myself, I know it takes all your strength and the support of your family and friends to overcome this disease. Come on everyone, let's show cancer that the Pink Army is on the move and we're declaring war."

The two showed off their fighting abilities in a mud cake fight, lobbing handfuls of chocolate sponge.

Cake fight: the aftermath
Cake fight: the aftermath (Cancer Research)