John Barrowman stacked it on live TV and reacted like a pro


Singer and actor John Barrowman proved he can keep his cool no matter what the circumstances.

He's due to appear on Loose Women as a guest and fell off chair while doing a live link ahead of the ITV show starting.

John Barrowman falls on live TV
John Barrowman falls on live TV (ITV/Loose Women)

Viewers saw him putting his red-heeled feet up on the counter, but seconds later he hit the deck.

He quickly regained his composure and rested one leg up on the counter to prove it.

This Morning's Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes couldn't contain their shock and then laughter.

Ruth later admitted to Eamonn and Rylan Clark-Neal she felt bad for laughing, adding: "I always laugh when people fall."

Viewers also enjoyed every minute of it, but also offered John lots of support:

Um, we're sure there will be plenty of these in no time...

We have to agree...

In case you missed it, here's a picture re-cap...

We're glad he's OK.