Chance The Rapper gets philosophical over his relationship with Kanye West


By now we all know of the blossoming friendship, and working relationship, between Chance The Rapper and Kanye West.

The two Chicago natives have appeared together on the first track of each of their most recent projects, as well as lending their creativity to other songs on Coloring Book and The Life of Pablo respectively.

Chance has always heralded the effect Kanye West had on him growing up, even when that may have had its negative aspects. And since Coloring Book was released the pair can't stop saying kind things about each other. The most recent exchange occurred after Kanye described Chance's work as "God level".

After receiving such praise from one of his idols, Chance got deep on what Kanye means to him even to this day.

Chance described himself as "Kanye's best protege" on Coloring Book's closing track, and few would disagree with that. The belief, and hope, Kanye gave to Chicago 12 years ago when he released his debut album is being paralleled now through Chance's work. He's taken on the role of his idol and is seen by the young people of Chicago the same way he still looks at Kanye West.

Long may the positivity continue.