The author of Fight Club is trying to crowdfund money for a new film


Chuck Palahniuk, the author of Fight Club, has turned to Kickstarter to get the film adaptation of another of his novels off the ground.

Fight Club was Palahniuk's debut novel and is in the process of being turned into a musical. But it's his 2002 novel Lullaby that the 54-year-old wants help with.

The idea for Lullaby, a narrator explains in the promotional video, came when Palahniuk was asked to help decide the fate of the man who murdered, and burned, his father. Yeah.

In Lullaby, a crime reporter investigates the death of a series of infants - including his own - and comes across "the culling song", something that appears to be a magic lullaby, capable of killing anyone who hears it. But given that this is a story written by Palahniuk, famous for his use of misdirection, surely all's not what it seems?

The really interesting aspect of this, though, may not necessarily be the story. Instead it's the fact that a donation of $40 (£27) can make you a "virtual producer", giving the ability to "vote on various aspects of the movie during the production stages".

The film will be directed by Andy Mingo, who previously adapted Palahniuk's short story Romance, and donations can be made up until June 16. They're aiming for $250,000 (£171,300), but stress Fight Club was made on a budget of $63 million. Anything extra they receive will go towards improving the film.

Donations and the promotional video are both available here.