Piers Morgan's Killer Women had viewers gripped and confused yet again


Piers Morgan continued his gripping journey across the Atlantic to meet with some of America's most notorious female killers.

In the second episode of his Killer Women series, he met with mum-of-two Amanda Lewis who is serving life in prison for drowning her seven-year-old daughter Adrianna in a paddling pool.

What made this case particularly unusual, and chilling, is that the main testimony that got Lewis sentenced was from her own son AJ - who was just five years old at the time.

son AJ cries as he is giving evidence

Viewers saw footage of a visibly upset AJ in the witness stand giving evidence against his mum - and it got them upset too.

They were very split in their opinions on whether someone so young could give reliable evidence - but then why would they make something like that up?

The series has got people truly gripped, whatever they may make of the host and the controversial topics.