Jared Leto and Drake confess all to Ellen DeGeneres in game of Never Have I Ever


Jared Leto and Drake both admitted to having hooked up with fans as they played a risque game of Never Have I Ever on Ellen DeGeneres's Show.

The host kicked off with the question about getting up close and personal on the road.

Each star had a board with 'I Have' on one side and 'I Have Never' on the other, and chart star Drake quickly held up the 'I Have' side.

Jared Leto on the red carpet
Jared Leto (Paul Bruinooge/AP/PA)

Oscar winner Jared was more cagey and initially held up the 'I Have Never' side, but slowly flipped it around to laughs and squeals.

Ellen herself had the audience in stitches as she held up the 'I Have' side in answer to her own question.

"I'm being honest," said the TV star, who is now married to Scandal actress Portia de Rossi.

Drake and Jared both denied ever having texted a nude selfie, but both confessed to having made out with someone twice their own age.

Ellen DeGeneres at a showbiz event
Ellen DeGeneres (David Crotty/AP/PA)

Jared also said he had once sent a dirty message to the wrong person, but he remained tight-lipped when quizzed on what it was about. And he revealed that he had been waxed for movie roles, including having a full Brazilian for one film.

They also both said they had Googled themselves. "Before we knew better," Jared joked.