Fans are still confused about the ending to ITV's Marcella

ITV's twisting crime thriller Marcella came to an end on Wednesday night with blood and murders galore.

Anna Friel starred as the tortured detective tasked with finding the killer of Grace Gibson, the woman her husband Jason was having an affair with and whose body Marcella helped move.

Anna Friel's turn in Marcella left some viewers confused (ITV)
Anna Friel's turn in Marcella left some viewers confused (ITV)

As the final heated up, all the threads throughout the series were drawn together in a thrilling conclusion where the serial killer with a penchant for plastic bags was exposed in chilling style.

Except, for a lot of viewers, the finale left them with plenty of unanswered questions.

Even Phillip Schofield was distressed!

Number one on everyone's lips was why Marcella had been shown covered in blood in a bathtub in episode one, which was seemingly never resolved.

Some spotted a huge plot-hole in the bath scene too.

 Sam spoke for the nation.

But, of course, it left everyone ravenous for a second series.

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