Brian Blessed relived his craziest tales on Loose Women


TV sets around the nation were swiftly turned down as Brian Blessed honoured the Loose Women team with his inimitable presence on Wednesday.

The ladies took the opportunity to play a little game of true or false with Brian, known for regaling both "fantastic and fantastical" stories, as Ruth Langsford put it.

Bear in mind he started his appearance with a story about a stranger breastfeeding him because his mother thought he looked like an ugly toad, and then the lady having a cameo on Z Cars years later.

Here, in Brian Blessed's own words, are his craziest stories.

First, there was the baby that he delivered in Richmond Park.

Brian Blessed and the cast of Z Cars (PA)
Brian Blessed and the cast of Z Cars (PA)

"In 1964, I was in Z Cars, a woman called to me in Italian, 'I'm having a baby.' So I hitched up her clothes, press press press, breathe breathe breathe, out came the head.

"I took off my white shirt, put the baby in it, nipped off the afterbirth, put it in a knot, got rid of the afterbirth and then I pressed her tummy for clots and I shouted for help. 'HELP, HELP, SHE'S HAD A BABY!'

"An ambulance came along and she went off in it, true."

Second, that he can remember his own birth.

Brian Blessed was
Brian Blessed was "born in ice" (Myung Jung Kim/PA)

"I can, yes. I talk about all this esoteric nonsense but I remember I was born in ice, water surrounded me, I broke through and there was my mother's face.

"It was absolutely clear, I have this extraordinary memory."

Finally, that he knocked out Doctor Who.

Watch out, Capaldi! (Yui Mok/PA)
Watch out, Capaldi! (Yui Mok/PA)

"It's true, oh dear. It was Peter Capaldi. I was doing Tom Jones and playing Squire Western and Peter came towards me in this fight sequence.

"We did it beautifully and then they insisted on putting one more punch in and - I promise you it's Peter's fault, because I was Yorkshire schoolboy boxing champion - he put his head forward too quickly and whomp. He's down, he's out.

"We got the death rattle. They rushed him to hospital but course he'd got all these pansy clothes on so they thought he was a transvestite."

Brian was cheekily reprimanded on two occasions, first when he accidentally swore, saying, "You miserable s**s." Then when he bellowed, "You don't have to take the blue pill," when the ladies switched to taking about sex in marriage.

Naturally, he was loved by those watching at home.