A London church is using Kanye West lyrics to inspire people


From Kanye's very first album to his most recent, God has always played a central role.

Whether it was questioning why if he rapped about God his records wouldn't get played on College Dropout, or creating a whole album infused with gospel sounds and feelings, Kanye has been one of the most proudly Christian rappers of his generation.

So it's fitting that a church in Hornchurch, East London, is using his lyrics to bring bit of joy and introspection to people's days.

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The picture was posted by Elliot Walsh, a Hornchurch resident who says he enjoys checking to see the "unpreachy" messages left outside his local place of worship.

The lyrics come from Kanye's track with Paul McCartney, called Only One, which didn't make the cut for The Life of Pablo.

Let's hope the minister gets a copy of TLOP, or Chance The Rapper's recently released Coloring Book, because there are plenty more inspirational lyrics to be shared.