5 incredible secrets about Corrie's explosive week: Carla Connor's exit to Callum Logan's body being found


Okay, so there's rarely ever a quiet one down The Rovers.

But next week, Carla Connor's wedding to Nick Tilsley (Ben Price) threatens to be thrown into chaos by Tracy Barlow (Kate Ford).

Tracy warns Carla
Tracy warns Carla (ITV)

Not only that, but the dead body of Callum Logan (Sean Ward) is going to be unearthed - five years earlier than originally intended (but more on that later). Dramz, right?

As Alison King, who has played Carla for 10 years, prepares to bow out of the soap and all of the Platts (yep, even Gail!) face arrest, we bring you 5 amazing secrets that we can look forward to in Coronation Street next week ...

1. Carla Connor (is finally) saying farewell

Carla and Nick at their wedding
Carla and Nick at their wedding (ITV)

Actress Alison King first said she'd be taking a sabbatical from Corrie yonks ago (well, May 2015) - but earlier this year she confirmed that she was actually quitting the show for good.

As well as revealing that if she had her time on the show again she would never have put on the "nasally voice" and towering heels, Alison also teased that the final scene she shot on the show was Carla "staring at my wedding dress".

For CC fans, Alison also said the door was being left open for a possible return in future, which she'd be open to. Phew!

2. Callum's corpse wasn't meant to be discovered for years

The Platts have been hiding Callum's dead body - but is the gig up? (ITV)
The Platts have been hiding Callum's dead body - but is the gig up? (ITV)

Initially, Callum's dead body wasn't meant to be discovered on Coronation Street for five years. But the storyline - which saw Kylie murder the drug dealer and David and Sarah help her to bury Callum in Gail's house - has actually only run for about six months!

Paula Lane, additionally, insists that the change in storyline is nothing to do with her imminent departure from the soap due to her being pregnant with her second child. Jack, instead, has another explanation.

"I think the story had run its course with us just looking a bit shifty and nervous," he explains.

"We'd drawn this out for a few months. Are we going to do it for another five years? Might as well just uncover the body!"

3. Gail could be heading back to prison!

Gail McIntyre could be going back to jail
Gail McIntyre could be going back to jail (ITV)

An incident in Coronation Street this week (we're not allowed to say what. Sorry!) leads to the discovery of Callum's body underneath Gail's granny annexe - and the Platts are immediately in the firing line with the police.

"The thing is, we all get separated," explains actor Jack P Shepherd, who plays David Platt. "So the police speak to us all separately." Intriguing.

Whether David, Kylie Platt (Paula Lane) or Sarah-Louise Platt (Tina O'Brien) actually get charged, we'll have to wait and see. Although what Jack does say is that Gail gets in some cracking lines about her upset at the body's discovery.

"We did a scene where she says 'How do you think I feel? I've been sleeping under a dead body for months'," explains Jack. "And I go: 'I thought you'd be used to that going out with Michael!'"

4. Tracy Barlow will redeem herself

Tracy Barlow
Tracy Barlow (ITV)

We know, we know. Sounds unlikely right? And although it's safe to say that Tracy doesn't have many friends left on Coronation Street - apart from maybe Eccles - in the events following Carla and Nick's wedding, a health issue regarding her kidney will cause her to be left severely ill and left feeling very alone.

"Everybody turns their back on her," explains Kate. "Everybody. And she also has some health problems with her kidney. She only has the one, and the people that she thinks are going to be there for her and concerned about her aren't there.

"She's pushed everybody too far, so there's going to be a period of bad karma. Even her daughter, who she took for granted, doesn't want to know."

5. It's splitsville for Robert and Tracy!

End of the line for Tracy and Robert
End of the line for Tracy and Robert (ITV)

Robcy ...Tracert ... So although Robert and Tracy's names don't exactly work as one, that doesn't matter. Because it looks as though the couple are about to break up. And this time it'll be for good. Possibly.

"They've split up and got back together in the past but this is quite a big one," explains Tristan.

"I think in the past he's always understood why she's done things. But I think this time he can't see why she's behaving.

"She's got everything she wanted - she's got Carla to leave, she's got Robert back after they split up before and Roberts got the bistro. Why would she mess that up?"

So will there be any way back for the couple now?

"I don't know," said Kate. "As far as I know, so far they're not getting back together. But you never know do you!"

Coronation Street airs at 9pm every night between Sunday May 22 and Thursday May 26.