Peggy and Pat's reunion had EastEnders fans both laughing and crying as the Mitchell matriarch bowed out

EastEnders' favourite Peggy Mitchell breathed her last in a tear-jerking suicide on Tuesday night's show with the ghost of her friend Pat Butcher by her side.

As Peggy's cancer took a deeper grip on her, she began to hallucinate, noticing smoke coming from her stairs before turning to see Pat - fluorescent pink jacket, bright blue eyeshadow, heavy lipstick and swinging earrings - greet her.

Pam St Clement's character joined Peggy, played by Dame Barbara Windsor, again as she prepared to take her own life to escape the pain of her cancer.

Sitting in a corner of Peggy's bedroom, the duo reminisced about the good times, particularly when they got drunk in an ice cream van and were caught by Phil.

In a final squabble, Peggy jokingly called Pat, "You b****!", while she lovingly replied, "You cow!"

And in a vulnerable moment, Peggy asked her friend, "You won't ever leave me, will you?" to which Pat replied,"No, sweetheart, not for one single second."

The reunion was too much for fans to bear.

Cigarette smoke will never mean the same again either.

Grant Mitchell also returned and fans though it was like Ross Kemp had never been away, although it was far too short a return.

There was quickly a call for his return full time.

Goodnight Peggy and, till next time, Grant!

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