Chance The Rapper is expected to become the first artist to chart solely off streams


Chance The Rapper went boldly against the mainstream when he chose not to sign a deal following the release of Acid Rap in 2013, and he's stayed firmly anti-industry ever since.

In the intervening years Chance has put out two free projects - Surf with Donnie Trumpet and The Social Experiment and, most recently, Coloring Book.

The mixtape was a two week Apple Music exclusive and not for sale anywhere, at any point, but Coloring Book is still expected to break into the Billboard 200 - and Hits Daily Double think it will debut in the top 10, with its 30-40,000 "sales" coming from streams.

Back in April after the release of The Life Of Pablo, Kanye West reached the Billboard pinnacle with the majority of its equivalent album units coming from streams, but there were still some sales - so Chance is set to make history.

Chance has made it his mission to put out music completely free and independently, believing this will be the model of the future, and his success doesn't look like it will be hindered by the approach. Labels will certainly be taking note.