New Great British Sewing Bee judge Esme Young said a rude word and everyone loved it


Esme Young didn't take long to make an impression in her first episode as a judge on the Great British Sewing Bee.

Esme, who has made costumes for films including Bridget Jones and Trainspotting as well as clothes for the stars, replaced May Martin on the BBC2 show, and one thing was immediately clear - she was going to be very hard to please.

She was tough from the start, but she really went to town for the alteration challenge, when most of the contestants chose to play it safe with a maternity dress they were given and make a skirt. She did not pull any punches.

Yes, she was very disappointed. And she did not hold back.

Confusingly, this also made Patrick good cop, which was pretty tough to cope with.

But it wasn't only her harsh judging that caught everyone's attention. People also loved her style.

Some people thought they'd spotted a bit of a lookalike, though.

There was certainly no doubt that, judging Angeline's skirt in the final round, she provided the quote of the week too - much to the embarrassment of her model.

And with that, the British public took her to their hearts.

Yep, forget sewing - all you need to do to really impress us Brits is a bit of light swearing.