Made in Chelsea: Sam and Tiff's relationship drama polarises Twitter, but we were all happy when they kissed and made up


Are you Team Tiff or Team Sam? Twitter was polarised after the repercussions of last week's episode played out on Monday night's show.

In case you're not caught up: Tiff got very intimate with a guy on holiday in Hong Kong last year. Tiff told Sam she had only kissed the guy. She let Stephanie and her sister Lucy in on the secret, and everyone kept schtum. That was until last week as the gang holidayed in the Maldives. Tiff admitted her adultery to Sam, and the pair broke things off.

Team Sam was going strong on Twitter.

But Team Tiff didn't go down without a fight.

But in the end, everyone was happy to see the pair reunited. N'awwww.

Lucy, on the other hand, is still in everyone's bad books.

Ouch. A very convenient distraction from the fact that Jamie blatantly cheated on his new girlfriend Frankie and she's about to find out.