Hold Countryfile presenter Keeley Donovan hits back at critics who say she's just a weather girl

The host of the new Countryfile spin-off series has hit back at claims it was her good looks rather than her presenting chops that landed her the big job.

Keeley Donovan, who is a weather forecaster on the BBC Look North show, will co-host the week-long daily series Countryfile Diaries on BBC One next week, alongside veteran host John Craven, regular Countryfile presenter Jules Hudson and and Paul Martin of Flog It!

Keeley Donovan

Speaking to The Sun, she said she was keen to show she is "more than just a weather girl" and can handle a factual programme.

She said: "It's not glamorous, standing in a field. You have to have something about yourself to do that.

"There is more to me than being a weather girl. My background is journalism, I am a trained journalist who has then gone over to the weather.

Keeley Donovan

"Hopefully the skills of story-telling and science will stand me in good stead."

Keeley made the move into weather forecasting after her late grandmother got her interested in nature.

She said: "I'm proud of being part of the weather team.

"There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes and while it is part of the job, it is not just a matter of putting on your curlers and going on air."

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