Here are the top five things we learnt about the world from this week's Gogglebox


In the week when David Attenborough turned 90 and the Queen won a Tesco voucher at the Royal Windsor Horse Show, Gogglebox had us covered on the things that really mattered: buffet strategy and dancing Stormtroopers.

The residents of Gogglebox's sofas are known as founts of knowledge and, in the last show of the series, they were even more perceptive than usual.

Giles and Mary on Gogglebox (Channel 4)
Giles and Mary on Gogglebox (Channel 4)

Here's what we learnt:

1. Who lightsabers are for.

There was confusion in the Michael household when dancing Stormtroopers appeared on Britain's Got Talent and earned a Golden Buzzer from Simon Cowell.

When mum Carolyne suggested that the Stormtroopers should have lightsabers, Louis was quick to set her right - to the delight of the viewers.

But the Goggleboxers' thoughts about the 'troopers split opinion quickly.

2. The best buffet strategy.

The Siddiquis have life figured out, right down to their tactics at an all-you-can-eat buffet: slow and steady wins the race.

Although it prompted some disagreement.

This might require a visit to a buffet with Baasit, Umar and Sid for the definitive answer...

3. The unfortunate lookalikes of Gregg Wallace and Boris Johnson.

One looks like a "boiled egg with a face", the other a "fat angel". Can you guess which is which? Us neither.

(Plus there was also a brilliant but naughty comparison from Jenny on what the creature from Alien looks like: "It's like a k*** with teeth!")

4. That David Attenborough is no threat to newly discovered tribes.

The Goggleboxers watched David Attenborough become the first white man that a Papua New Guinea tribe had ever met and they had some brilliant responses to why David was accepted so easily.

It's all down to their "-dar", right, Mary?

Although Stephen thought gaydar might have been the appropriate term.

5. That Olivia Munn is a legend.

X-Men: Apocalypse star Olivia appeared on Sunday Brunch, downed wine and totally upstaged Piers Morgan as he tried to steal the show. And Goggleboxers and viewers at home loved her for it.

And that's all you really need to know.