Dog runs away from home to hang out with his pals at doggy daycare


Remember trying to sneak out to hang with your friends without your parents knowing? Apparently that kind of naughty behaviour isn't limited just to disobedient teenagers - a dog in North Carolina escaped his owners and ran off to doggy daycare to catch up with his pals.

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Riley the golden retriever ran off and turned up a mile away at Happy Dog Cafe in Belmont, NC. He's been dropped off at the daycare by his owner, Tonia Mosteller, whenever she needs to go out of town for the last five years.

Mosteller took her pooch for a ride through town, when they passed a member of Happy Dog staff walking dogs from the daycare, and Riley started whining at the sight of his pals hanging out without him. On returning home, she dropped Riley off with her son, leaving him to sunbathe in the back garden.

"I noticed Riley watching me carefully as I left, but I didn't think too much about it," Mosteller told WBTV.

An hour later, he turned up at Happy Dog.

screenshot of video

"I walked outside to see if Tonia was right behind him, and she wasn't," Happy Dog Cafe owner Teresa McCarter said.

"He knows the way up here because they walk him all the time, so he just decided to put himself in daycare that day," McCarter said. Riley ran through the door and opened the fence himself to get back to his friends. Happy Dog called Riley's owners to let them know where their cheeky canine had got to, and offered to let him stay for the rest of the day.

"And he got a free day of daycare and he worked really hard for that day," McCarter laughed.

Riley's fence has been reinforced and his owners are hoping he won't figure out how to open their front door.