Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban have filmed their own Carpool Karaoke-inspired video


Nicole Kidman and her husband Keith Urban have followed in the footsteps of James Corden by filming their own Carpool Karaoke-inspired video.

The couple posted footage on Keith's YouTube channel showing them lip-sync to his new single, The Fighter, while sat in the front seats of their car.

As the music starts, Nicole, 48, shouts: "Oh my god, I love this song!", before husband replies: "Thank goodness."

Keith then begins to serenade his wife before the music accidentally cuts off as they both stare into the camera and Nicole is heard saying "Oops".

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban at the Met Gala.
Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban at the Met Gala. (Charles Sykes/AP)

The music then re-starts as Nicole sings the parts performed on the track by US country singer Carrie Underwood.

As the song comes to an end, the couple fall in each other and hug.

Nicole and New Zealand-born singer Keith have been married for 10 years and have two daughters together, Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret.