Eurovision 2016: Belarus singer IVAN appeared naked on stage with a wolf because of course he did


Eurovision wouldn't be Eurovision unless something inexplicably weird happened on stage.

Belarus truly embraced the spirit of the international singing competition... as singer IVAN appeared naked on stage, serenading a wolf.

Eurovision's IVAN was flanked by wolves
Eurovision's IVAN was flanked by wolves (Martin Meissner/AP)

IVAN, who performed Help You Fly, was not allowed to appear on-stage in the buff live. Instead, an image of him crouching down and singing lovingly to a wolf was digitally projected.

It was just sooooo Eurovision.

It reminded one person of a nightmare they'd had:

That wasn't the only great part...

IVAN of Belarus
IVAN of Belarus (Martin Meissner/AP)

The naked man with the wolf even attracted back wavering Eurovision believers...

"How? How was this allowed to happen?" Was the question on one viewer's lips.

Although others felt some sympathy.

Perhaps IVAN can bear this advice in mind for the Grand Final on Saturday?