Stop everything! You need to watch the Orange is the New Black season four trailer right now


The new season four trailer for Orange is the New Black begins with some light-hearted banter but quickly descends into darkness and drama leaving fans longing for June 17 when the series will drop on Netflix.

Since the packed two minute 20 second clip was uploaded to YouTube late on Tuesday, it has already been viewed more than one million times.

It starts with a jokey discussion between old favourites Poussey, Taystee and Crazy Eyes before things take a dramatic turn. There's "new blood" - 100 new inmates apparently. So it looks like things are going to be crowded.

Piper is then seen saying she feels "unsafe" before Alex, whose life hung in the balance at the end of season three, is heard whispering off camera to Red "Can you keep a secret?" Red replies: "I love secrets." Is this a flashback? Is Alex alive? What's going on?

The trailer also shows transgender inmate Sophia still in solitary confinement, a prison guard who seems to have it in for Red and plenty of friction and tears.

Uzo Aduba who plays Crazy Eyes (Jordan Strauss/AP/PA)
Uzo Aduba who plays Crazy Eyes (Jordan Strauss/AP/PA)

Notably absent from the trailer are Nicky Nichols, who was sent to maximum security in Season three and father of Daya's baby, prison guard John Bennett. Oh we hope they will both be back.

Other things that stand out include Maria Ruiz telling Piper: "I am going to bury you" and Pennsatucky saying: "You know the difference between pain and suffering? Pain's always there but suffering is a choice."

According to the teaser: "Some will fight ... others will fall." It's tense. Bring on June 17!