Which parts of Beyonce, Kanye West and Justin Bieber make up the 'perfect' pop star?


After analysing more than four million conversations on social media from the past 12 months and putting them together with listening data from its streaming library, Deezer has come up with what it thinks is the public's "perfect" pop star.

And while the famous faces - and, um, body parts - making up the "perfect" specimens might not be all that surprising (obvs it's Beyonce's legs in there), what might shock you is just how weird the stars look all mashed together.

Seriously, Harry Styles' hair + Ed Sheeran's eyes + Kanye West's smile (yes, Kanye's) = kinda freaky.

frankenpop male

In case you can't tell from the pic of this "Frankenstar", when it comes to creating the perfect male specimen, Justin Bieber is King - Beliebers lust over his nose, arms and, ahem, backside.

The perhaps more unexpected addition? Kanye's smile. Yep, his is apparently the most desirable, which is weird seeing as we, well, rarely see it.

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When it comes to luscious locks, it's all about Harry - although of course this week there's been that supposed chop that's got everyone talking.

Meanwhile, Calvin Harris's abs are in there, probably because of all the billboards with him wearing nothing but his Armani briefs. Lastly, it's all about Drake's legs - guess we've got the Hotline Bling video to thank for that - and Jason Derulo's pecs.

And what about the female version?

female frankenstar

Well, it's Ariana Grande's ponytail that comes out top in the hair stakes with more than 61,000 mentions. Total #hairgoals right there.

Fans rate Rihanna's eyes, chest AND attitude as the best, while Beyonce has the top limbs.

Adele's pipes ticked the box for the most talked about, envied voice. But take a guess who wins with their bum?

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Nicki Minaj, of course. No pop star's posterior could be outdone by the Anaconda video...