Made In Chelsea: Steph's dreamy holiday in the Maldives turned into the trip from hell


We've seen enough cattiness to last us a lifetime from the new season of Made In Chelsea, but if you thought the girls had retracted their claws then you'd be wrong. The drama continued as Steph jetted Tiff, Sam, Binky, JP, Nicola, Alex and Louise out to the gorgeous Maldives for what would be the most awkward holiday ever.

The chaos began when Louise, who'd already admitted the LA native had made her feel like a "second-rate friend", flew out to the sandy paradise and nobody could quite understand why.

There was a heated confrontation by the poolside as Steph confronted Louise about her intentions in being there, to which Louise blurted out she'd tagged along to spend time with everyone but Steph. Ouch.

Next to dig their claws into poor Steph was Nicola who cornered the blonde after an intense morning of yoga. Despite the two putting the issues behind them in London, Nicola bluntly told Steph she and the girls were still talking about her, to which Steph accused Nicola of swapping loyalties and being two-faced.

"BE YOUR OWN PERSON STOP BEING A SHEEP," Steph screamed in Nicola's face, before storming off.

Steph soon turned to Tiff for comfort, revealing she felt the girls were excluding her from the holiday - the holiday she'd organised for the gang - and Tiff had no sympathy.

"I'm just so tired of keeping all your secrets," Steph sighed, and we all wanted to know what the hell she was talking about.

As it happened, Tiff had told a few lies of her own to her boyfriend Sam, regarding that incident in Hong Kong. While she'd admitted to being unfaithful, sharing a kiss with the unknown male, it turned out she'd slept with the guy - and Steph knew all along but kept schtum to protect the youngest Watson.

Fearing Steph was going to reveal all to Sam and ruin the idyllic holiday (like it could possibly get any worse), Tiff raced to the beach to let him know the truth.

Made in Chelsea

Tears streamed down Tiff's face as she confronted Sam who didn't take the news too lightly,

"Please Sam, you can't give up on me. I want to spend the rest of my life with you," she wailed.

"I despise you," he retorted, and that was pretty much the end of that.