Mumford & Sons and Little Mix lead calls to take on ticket touts


Mumford & Sons plus Little Mix have told music fans to "stand up" to rip-off ticket touts.

The rock and pop stars, using the hashtag "?#?ToutsOut," have called on music fans to sign a petition so that tougher penalties for touts can be debated in Parliament.

They are hoping that public support will give them 100,000 signatures for a debate to be held about tougher sanctions for resale websites and to force ticket resellers to reveal their identities.

There had been 12,618 signatures by Sunday at 8.30pm.

Litle Mix
Little Mix (Hannah McKay/PA)

Mumford & Sons issued a passionate message on their website, which directs to the petition.

They said: "If getting onstage is one of the best things about being a musician, seeing your audience get ripped off is undoubtedly the worst.

"At M & S HQ we try hard to ensure that true fans have the best opportunity of getting into shows, at the right price, but are often powerless when faced with organised industrial-scale ticket touting.

"At the moment, the law makes it easy for these shady operators to hoover up tickets and profit at your expense - so we are joining with others across the music and creative communities to a support petition that demands politicians tighten up consumer legislation.

"If 100,000 of you sign it, then Government will be pressurised to consider the issue for Parliamentary debate."

Little Mix tweeted about the petition.

The petition is headlined "Enforce the Consumer Rights Act to protect music, arts and sport fans from touts".

It states: "On a commercial scale, touting deprives the Treasury of VAT, and performance copyright holders of royalties that should be paid on the mark-ups. It also denies artistes the ability to ensure their events are priced so anyone can attend."