Durrells actor Milo Parker fears young prefer Xboxes to plight of wildlife


The Durrells star Milo Parker has admitted he fears that children his age are more interested in Xboxes than the plight of endangered species.

The 13-year-old actor, who stars as Gerald Durrell in the hit ITV adaptation of the famous conservationist's childhood memoirs, said he wanted to inspire a new environmentally minded generation as he was named ambassador for the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust.

He said: "I think with all the technology these days kids are more interested in Xbox than realising what's out there and how we really need to play a part in helping to conserve and save these species that are endangered.

"I think it's important that the message to young people is given that Xbox or PlayStation isn't all we need to focus on, it's what's out there."

Milo Parker at a premiere
Milo Parker (Michael Sohn/AP)

He said he was "truly humbled to have the opportunity to contribute in my small way" to the work of the Jersey-based wildlife park and charity, founded by Durrell in 1963, which works to save species from extinction.

Milo joins Superman star Henry Cavill as an ambassador and he has his eye on the actor for a role in the second series of The Durrells.

"If he's up for it, it would be a dream!" he said.

Henry Cavill at a photo call
Henry Cavill (Ian West/PA)

The Durrells, which tells the story of the young Gerald and his childhood on the Greek island of Corfu in the 1930s and also stars Keeley Hawes, was an immediate hit with Sunday evening audiences.

Milo said working with all the animals in the series as he played wildlife enthusiast Gerry bolstered his enthusiasm for the role, although it did not come without its hazards.

"In the scene where I bury a bat, I had to sprinkle soil over the tin that the bat's in and the pelican thought that was food and started nipping my shoulder and trying to snatch this tin off me," he said.

A second series will begin filming in the autumn and Milo said he was excited to get back to Corfu and his "family" of fellow cast members, including Keeley, who was like the "protective" mother of the group.

Speaking about the show's success, he said: "I never expected it to do quite as well as it did but after reading the scripts I thought, I'm part of an amazing experience and I'm really chuffed it's done so well and I think it deserves it."