12 reasons why we love David Attenborough even more than before after watching his Passion Projects


BBC 2 did the ultimate throwback this weekend and aired two of Sir David Attenborough's Passion Project films from the 70s.

The first programme revisited was called A Blank On The Map. It was first broadcast back in 1971 and showed Sir David's expedition into the heart of unknown territory in New Guinea - they were in search of a previously uncontacted tribe known as the Biami.

And here's why viewers loved it.

1. Forget going out on a Saturday night - the programme made everyone's weekends.

2. Although if you were heading out, it provided a brilliant new way to get ready.

3. The thing is, none of his documentaries are ever boring are they?

4. And in this film we saw them encounter some amazing wildlife and people.

There were tree kangaroos, goura pigeons, an emerald green tree python - plus a group of tribal people never before seen by Europeans.

5. We've said it before and we'll say it again...

6. Plus, we always learn so much from him.

7. His narrating voice was obvs just as great back then too.

8. It was interesting to watch something from so long ago.

9. And we got to see some crazy things, like how they made this tent.

(Screenshot/BBC 2)

(Screenshot/BBC 2)

10. There was a kinda weird bit when they went into someone's house...

(Screengrab/BBC 2)

11. But mainly he was just being amazing.

12. At the end, the Sir David we know today talked about the making this Passion Project.

david points at a journal
(Screengrab/BBC 2)

He admitted he had been very nervous about going into the uninhabited house they found.

Then he whacked out his journal and showed us how he recorded what they had seen inside.

So cool. We heart you David.