Why does he never learn? Fans turn on MasterChef finalist Billy as he makes unforgivable mistake


Oh, Billy! Stop trying to cook eggs.

The MasterChef finalist has spent most of the series scuppering up his chances at putting together a perfect dish by deciding to serve confit yolks with his dishes.

Just think back to those yolks he kept breaking when the contestants cooked at Bluebird restaurant, or those edible eggshells that wouldn't dry when they cooked with Michael O'Hare, or those other broken egg yolks in his disastrous take on shepherd's pie in the semi-final.

With tensions already running high among viewers as the finalists cooked their last meal, Billy made a foolhardy error: he decided to cook eggs.

And no one was in a forgiving mood.

Don't worry, you haven't alienated *everyone*, Billy.

That egg's going to be haunting him for a long time. Poor Billy.