The MasterChef finalists' backstories had everyone swapping allegiances on who they wanted to win


It was a clash between #TeamJane, #TeamJack or #TeamBilly from fans on Twitter as everyone supported their favourite to win MasterChef 2016.

As customary on the final, before the cooking kicked off, viewers were treated to a little bit of background on their three finalists, but it might not have gone as planned for one of the contestants.

Billy was the first up and we got to watch him play cricket, meet his gorgeous girlfriend Ellie and take a sneak peek into his beautiful home. And boy, did it suddenly hit fans just how posh he was.

Unfortunately for Billy, it didn't exactly endear him to the audience.

On the other hand, Jack revealed to viewers that he was in a band that had once met Bonnie Tyler, and played the violin to (nearly) everyone's delight.

Plus his girlfriend said he cooked her a seven-course tasting menu on their first date, which bowled everyone over.

But it was Jane's touching story of her battle with cancer, which she has fought for ten years, with the last three in remission, that had fans hailing her as an inspiration.

She revealed she found strength to fight the disease in her four children and had her sights set on the future now.

And it soon had fans rooting for Jane to win.

Now, it's just down to the food...