Radiohead have released a new teaser for their album


Radiohead burst back from their social media white-out with single Burn The Witch earlier this week.

Now they've treated fans to another new teaser for the long-awaited album, expected to be called Dawn Chorus, with a video of Thom Yorke looking lost in a car park.

What could he be looking for? Twitter had answers (his car, mainly).

We've all been there, Thom.

The 23-second clip might not give much away about what fans can expect next, but it prompted a lot of excitement on social media.

Particularly about Thom's locks (and speculation he could be "Becky with the good hair").

It hinted that the next video the band release could be a step-away from the stop-motion Trumpton-style they chose for Burn The Witch.

There were rumours that they worked with There Will Be Blood director Paul Thomas Anderson on one of the videos for their album, and fans are speculating it could be about to drop.

Now stop teasing us Radiohead and release the album!

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