Tamara Ecclestone defends her daughter's suntan as she hits back at Instagram 'busybodies'


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Tamara Eccleston hit back at followers who accused her of allowing her daughter to burn in the sun after posting a holiday snap of her toddler on Instagram.

The socialite shared a photo of two-year-old Sophia playing in the sea while on holiday in the Bahamas, which quickly attracted negative comments asking whether she was burnt or whether she should be so tanned.

But Tamara was as quick to defend herself as she claimed that a filter put on the picture by her husband Jay Rutland gave the impression of sunburn on Sophia.

Proving that Sophia was not in the least bit troubled by sunburn, she shared another snap of the toddler happily playing in the shallows while sporting some excellent sunglasses.

She wrote: "For all you busybodies commenting on Sophia's tan, she is not burnt in the slightest, has been wearing factor 70 and kept out of the mid day sun.

"She is a lucky girl that tans quickly, none the less I am fully aware of the dangers of the sun and she has never burnt.

"What can I say, @jayrutland is partial to a filter, calm your boners people."

The family have just finished their holiday in the Bahamas, having been reunited following Jay's recent legal woes.

The businessman had charged dropped against him in relation to assisting an offender in late April.