Microsoft welcomes Tiny Tots star who says he'd rather work for them than sing


Microsoft has invited one of its youngest fans to spend a day at the company after he appeared on a talent agency television show.

The tech giant invited eleven-year-old Vlad to visit its UK offices after spotting him on Channel 4´s The Tiny Tots Talent Agency series - a behind-the-scenes look at the world of children's talent.

Vlad was taken to BizzyKidz, an agency for kids with stars in their eyes and their ambitious parents, but didn't seem particularly enthusiastic about pursuing a career in song.

Vlad looks nervous about performing (screenshot/Channel 4)
(screenshot/Channel 4)

Instead, the youngster revealed a passion for ideas and said he would choose a job at Microsoft over the stage.

Viewers were vocal in their support.

They even called on the tech giant to offer Vlad an apprenticeship.

Microsoft has responded by inviting the curious 11-year-old to visit saying: "We saw one of our youngest fans Vlad on #tinytotstalent &, if ok with his parents, would love for him to visit us! #ideamanatMicrosoft."

Who's betting this turns out to be the next Bill Gates?