Aren't you 50 already? Susanna Reid and Ben Shephard accuse Kate Garraway of hiding her real age


Kate Garraway is celebrating her 49th birthday this week - but Ben Shephard and Susanna Reid think she may be pulling a fast one.

As they wished her happy birthday on Good Morning Britain, Ben teased: "You say 49, but there's some debate as to how old you are."

Susanna Reid, Ben Shephard and Kate Garraway
Susanna Reid, Ben Shephard and Kate Garraway (ITV)

Susanna added: "It didn't help that your other employers were celebrating your 50th birthday."

Kate also works for Smooth Radio - who mistakenly threw her a 50th birthday party on Wednesday.

The bubbly presenter bemoaned how "awful" it was to be told she looked older than her years.

She said: "Now I'm 49 and no-one believes I'm 49, they think I'm older. That is after an hour of make-up."

But the teasing didn't stop as Ben joked about her hearing going.

The Good Morning Britain hosts
The Good Morning Britain hosts (ITV)

Susanna, 45, said: "70 is just a whisper away for me. What does it matter what age we are?"

"Every year I agree more," said poor Kate.

Kate was showered with birthday wishes, including a touching message from Susanna on Twitter: