Watch Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston throwing serious shapes together to Beyonce at the Met Gala Ball


Tom Hiddleston isn't shy in showing off his dance moves, but he outdid himself when he boogied with Taylor Swift at New York's Met Gala Ball on Monday.

The two first shook their stuff to T.I.'s Bring Em Out with Tom more than proving he can hold his own against Tay-Tay when she decides to "shake it off" (and props to her for getting down in those shoes!)

If everyone wasn't jealous enough of Taylor for bagging Calvin Harris, her amazing squad, her perfect bleached hair that magically never gets roots, then prepare to sit down and breathe slowly into a paper bag because this next video with make you asthmatic with envy.

Just look at Tom spin Taylor around to Queen Bey's Crazy In Love!

If this could be added as Exhibit A in the evidence of why Tom would make the perfect James Bond, that'd be great.

And if you could get us an invite to next year's Met Gala, that'd be fab too.