London Fire Brigade warns men not to 'use the force' with penis rings on Star Wars Day


Organisations latching on to a trending hashtag to promote something is pretty run-of-the-mill these days. But when one gets it right, it is a truly great moment.

Behold, London Fire Brigade - or as it would now prefer to be known, the Firefighter Alliance.

The brigade used Star Wars Day (May the 4th, may the force, geddit?) to send out a warning to avoid "time-wasting calls" about none other than penis rings, advising people: "If it doesn't fit, don't force it."

Adopting the famous introduction for the films with slow zooming text, the clip says some Londoners have become trapped in objects like handcuffs or rings, with one man needing surgery to remove metal rings that had been stuck on his penis for three days. Ouch.

Thanks London Fire Brigade for leaving us with that image for the rest of the day.