6 foodie reasons why MasterChef made us want to go to Mexico City immediately


It's finals week in MasterChef on BBC 1 and as the competition heats up, the four potential winners - Jack, Juanita, Billy and Jane - got to go on a little holiday together in Wednesday's episode.

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The amateur cooks were set three challenges in Mexico City - including serving locals authentic Mexican cuisine from street food stalls without using modern equipment.

With the sun shining over bustling, exotic markets and vibrant street food made with some unusual but delicious-looking ingredients, here's exactly why Mexico City has shot right to the top of our wanderlust list.

1. You can have crazy things such as cactus in your salad.

(Screengrab/BBC One)

Because apparently it tastes really fresh and yummy.

2. There are 500,000 street food vendors to choose from in the city.

And they serve thousands of people every lunch time.

3. These things look like incredible deep fried pizza tortillas.


They're actually called sopes and contestant Jane topped them with chorizo, potato, a salsa verde and cheese. Worth going to Mexico City just for that, amiright?!

4. Seriously, the markets look great.

So. Many. Colours.

5. There's a restaurant that makes CHOCOLATE TACOS.

Apparently Enrique Olvera's Pujol is often called the best in the country and to be fair, it looks like the dining venue of dreams.

6. It just looks like one seriously beautiful city.

mexico city
(Screengrab/BBC One)

And now we can't stop stalking travel photos on Insta.

Thanks a lot, MasterChef...