Seth Rogen wants Adele to be his neighbour and explains why he hates hugs


Hollywood star Seth Rogen has said his two dream neighbours would be Adele and the Dalai Lama.

The actor, who is in London to promote his new movie Bad Neighbours 2, told Good Morning Britain's Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid why they were his choice.

He said: "I choose the Dalai Lama because he's quiet, and someone who makes music you want to listen to - Adele. That's my two neighbours."

Seth Rogen
Seth Rogen (Dan Steinberg/Invision)

After "rejecting" a hug from Piers, Seth explained why he's not a big fan of a hug.

He said: "What's funny is I'm a person who genuinely doesn't like to be touched very much... I hate touching people, I'm a weird hugger, I get very tense when people try to hug me."

The comedy star of hits including Knocked Up and Superbad also reckons he's not the funniest in his group of friends.

"My friend Ben, who is a teacher in Vancouver, is the funniest person I know, to me in my opinion, he makes me laugh more than anyone but it's cause he's my friend," he said. "It's funny because, in my group of friends, I'm not the funniest one by like a long shot.

"I remember when I got on TV, all my friends were like 'Why are you on TV? We're funnier than you are. Kyle's funnier than you. Why are you the one that got on television?' And I was like 'you're right!'"