Why has Radiohead vanished from the internet?


Radiohead has mysteriously disappeared from the internet.

The band's Twitter account and the account of their lead singer Thom Yorke have both been erased.

Their Facebook is now empty, as if they never posted a single message or picture, and their website www.radiohead.co.uk is just a white page.

The strange disappearance comes after some fans received cards emblazoned with the band's logo and the words: "Sing the song of sixpence that goes 'Burn the witch'."

The curious goings on have triggered speculation that Radiohead are gearing up to release a new album, and they have been trending on Twitter as fans try to guess what will happen next.

If a new album is coming, it would be the rockers' ninth studio record and the follow up to their 2011 offering The King Of Limbs.