Pointless Celebrities comes under fire from viewers for 'racial stereotyping'


Alexander Armstrong on Pointless Celebrities (BBC/screenshot)

Pointless Celebrities had a truly awkward moment on Saturday which culminated in the popular general knowledge quiz being accused of 'casual racism' by viewers posting on Twitter.

Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman presented a celebrity version of the BBC One show in which contestants try to come up with answers given by the fewest number out of 100 people polled.

In Saturday's edition, broadcasters Keith Chegwin and Iain Lee played against pop stars Anthony Costa and Michelle Heaton in the head-to-head.

The contestants had to name Brit Award-winning acts from visual clues that flashed up on the board.

The picture that ended up angering some viewers featured two little girls in a shop full of spices. The caption indicated the win was for British video in 1997.

After conferring, Keith and Iain gave their answer as Cornershop, the British indie rock band best known for their 1998 number one single, Brimful Of Asha.

Iain Lee knew his answer was wrong on Pointless Celebrities (BBC/screenshot)
Iain Lee knew his answer was wrong on Pointless Celebrities (BBC/screenshot)

"That's a real punt. They're about that time, they were big for about 20 seconds," Iain said. But he then realised the answer was wrong.

"Oh, no!" he cried. "I know exactly what it is! It's the Spice Girls."

The answer was indeed the Spice Girls, but some fans posting their thoughts on Twitter did not appreciate the picture selected to go with the answer. Others felt it was all rather awkward.

Ouch! at Pointless Celebrities

On the plus side, there was a good deal of love for veteran broadcaster Nicholas Parsons, who is now 92 years-young and as sprightly as ever.

Nicholas Parsons on Pointless Celebrities (BBC/screenshot)
Nicholas Parsons on Pointless Celebrities (BBC/screenshot)

Go, Nick. Go!