Erm, does Zac Goldsmith not know how to drink a pint properly?


London mayor candidate Zac Goldsmith and Boris Johnson have been pictured having a nice pint together. Which sounds like a fairly normal thing to do. Right?

Right. But then you actually look at that photo and suddenly, not so normal.

It appears Zac simply doesn't know how to hold a pint of beer properly.

And Twitter really can't handle it.

Yep, it's especially hilarious because we've seen some weird habits from politicians before. Just in case you need reminding...

Meanwhile, here's Zac visiting a McDonalds. Wonder if he's as awkward at eating a Big Mac as he is at drinking a pint?

zac goldsmith in mcdonalds
"Yes, I do know how to eat a burger properly" (Gareth Fuller/PA)

Maybe just stick to shots like this Zac. You look at ease just chillin' in your suit.

Zac Goldsmith
No pints of beer to be seen here (Ian West/PA)