Can you spot the cheese and onion bake hiding among the steak bakes in this Greggs' puzzle?


Just a word of warning - this might make you feel peckish so it's worth having some snacks in hand while trying to solve yet another mind-boggling brain teaser that has appeared on the internet.

High street bakers Greggs want us to find a lone cheese and onion bake among all these steak slices.

Unless you are a true Greggs' fan, this might be a difficult one to spot.

So congratulations if you have managed to find this elusive vegetarian bake. And if you haven't then here's a clue: it's all down to the pattern you see on the pastry.

Steak slices have diagonal lines, while the cheese and onion bakes come with a distinctive "chevron" pattern. Still can't see it?

Look at the third bake on the right in the second row from the bottom.

Now back to the real world then...