Annie given the boot as five go through to MasterChef 2016 finals week


Annie McKenzie is the latest contestant to be kicked off MasterChef on the last episode of the semi-finals.

Sadly her pigeon starter failed to impress the judges, who sent her packing.

And then there were five - one of whom will be crowned MasterChef champion 2016 at the end of next week.

While people were understandably upset, it was not just the loss of Annie they were mourning.

Some seemed to think the competition has started to lose touch with reality, fondly mocking the show as it reached unprecedented levels of posh.

Some bones of contention were...

The unusual ingredients:

Pretentious descriptions:

...and convoluted methodology:

Others, however, seized upon the aristocratic affectations as an opportunity for socialising.

At least it meant Stuart's moustache was given a night off.


Oh, wait ....

Spoke too soon. Sorry Stu!