John Torode had absolutely no chill when he was in the MasterChef kitchen and viewers thought it was a bit OTT


The MasterChef semi-finalists were cooking in John Torode's old haunt Bluebird, a dining hotspot in Chelsea since the late 90s.

the bluebird restaurant in chelsea

They created their own dishes for a bunch of pro-chefs in the 'MasterChef pop-up', with John running the pass in the kitchen (that means being in charge of telling the orders to the chefs, in restaurant speak).

And boy, did he get stressed out.

He was shouting, complaining and throwing lots of shade whenever he didn't get a 'yes chef' or if anyone DARED show any signs of (completely understandable) pressure.

Viewers thought he was being unnecessarily mean.

And getting himself into a right flap when this is a pretty normal environment for him.

Though it was kinda funny, too.

C'mon John, maybe a bit of a reality check is in order.