Batman: The Killing Joke trailer arrives


The trailer for Batman: The Killing Joke is here and one thing is for certain - it's strictly for adults.

The animated tale (featuring the voice of Star Wars' Mark Hamill) is an adaptation of the 1988 controversial graphic novel of the same name, which sees the unhinged Joker taunting Batman by capturing and torturing Barbara Gordon (Batgirl).

The story drew criticism for its violence, but it is hugely popular with DC Comics fans who have given the trailer the thumbs up.

The trailer seems to suggest that the film will follow the same plot as the book, with the Joker and the Caped Crusader facing off in several scenes under the tagline: "Two legendary rivals face their darkest hour."

The movie is set to be rated R and will go direct-to-video later this year, but fans are calling for it to be shown on the big screen.