EastEnders fans couldn't deal with Phil and Denise getting it on


If there was ever an EastEnders romance we never thought would happen it's Phil Mitchell and Denise Fox. But much to the surprise of (grossed out) viewers, the arch enemies shared a drunken kiss in Tuesday night's episode.

Denise had been struggling to come to terms with the fact her daughter Libby won't be keeping her baby and drowning her sorrows when she found Phil - struggling with alcohol and a whole host of his own problems - to confide in.

But Denise, no matter how the bad the beer goggles are Phil is never the answer...

Phil and Denise on EastEnders

The pair ended up back at Phil's house, kissing and falling onto the couch before the end credits left the rest to the viewers' imagination. Viewers on Twitter were officially grossed out.

It just didn't make ANY sense.

But, you know, alcohol.

Some saw the entertaining side though.