A Bake Off Creme De La Creme contestant admitted she missed Mary Berry and she wasn't the only one


The search for Britain's best pastry chef reached its last heat as three teams battled it out to win a place in the Bake Off Creme De La Creme semi-final.

A trio from a fine-dining restaurant in Liverpool, a team from Leeds led by a self-taught chocolatier and three pastry chefs representing south Wales in the Culinary Olympics all crammed into the kitchen in the hopes of tantalising the judges' palates.

Bake Off Creme de la Creme

But we all know Benoit Blin, Claire Clark and Cherish Finden don't dish out the points easily and the judges proved super difficult to impress on Tuesday night.

The heat was too much to handle for one contestant on the South Wales team who, after being critiqued for a de-constructed white chocolate, ginger beer and mascarpone cheesecake, let slip something we were pretty much all thinking...

Bake Off Creme de la Creme

"I want Mary Berry," Ffion said sadly, and viewers couldn't help but agree.

It is a Bake Off spin-off after all, and there's only one queen of the kitchen in ours eyes.

Fans couldn't help but notice Benoit, Claire and Cherish were, well, just a little too mean and impossible to please.

Judges, we admire your expertise, but the nation has spoken - bring back Mary Berry.