Tom Hanks gearing up for premiere of new film at Southbank


Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks will add some extra glamour to London's Southbank at the premiere of his new film, A Hologram For The King.

The American star will be joined by the film's director Tom Tykwer, who he worked with previously on Cloud Atlas.

Academy Award winner Hanks plays businessman Alan Clay, who is sent on a business trip to Saudi Arabia.

Based on the book of the same name by Dave Eggers, it sees Clay sent off to pitch a new teleconferencing system to a wealthy king.

While there, he's faced with numerous challenges and unexpected surprises - in the form of a doctor whom he falls in love with.

Tom Hanks
Tom Hanks

Homeland star Sarita Choudhury plays Zahra, the doctor in question.

She recently said in an interview that working with Hanks had made her parents proud - especially her father.

She told People: "To do a movie with someone like Tom Hanks that when you tell your dad, your dad knows who Tom Hanks is - it feels like you're finally giving back to your parents."

A Hologram For The King releases nationwide on May 20.