The Island with Bear Grylls: Paddy fell off a cliff and escaped with only a bruised backside


The last episode of The Island with Bear Grylls ended on a cliff-hanger (am I right?) as, during an expedition to get food, Paddy ended up falling off a cliff and onto his back on the rocks below.

Twitter and viewers had to wait all week to find out if he was okay.

And miraculously, he was. Paddy managed to escape his epic fall with nothing but a bruised bum and spent the night in hospital. Tweeters were very relieved.

But then came the conspiracy theories. Was this all just a show so that Paddy could fill his belly?

Potentially, but probably not.

Some Tweeters thought the whole show was a little anti-climatic.

But you can't please everybody.

Congrats on being alive, Paddy!